[HNW] Forepart

Hrothny nothingbutadame at inthe.sca.org
Mon Apr 5 15:13:38 PDT 2004

> I think this one is even worse .....
> <http://www.goldsword.com/sfarmer/SCA/Paintings/gower_MaryDenton48.jpg>
> You see just enough of the skirt -- What's with the black "overdress"
> that doesn't meet in the front .....
> Jerusha

   But it was awfully nice of her to hold up the hem of her gown and give a
good graphic example of "hem decorations" on a late-period gown. Isn't that
one of the costuming myths that need periodic debunking? ("They put stuff on
the edge of their gowns. All the time." "No, they never did. Ever." "Yes
they did." "No they didn't." "you're an idiot and I'm going to hit you with
my PoF if you don't shut up." "Well, you've got a big nose and my PoF cost
less than yours did...")
   Oh yeah... I appreciate the argument-breaker!  :)

(No, *I'm* not the one in the argument. I'm the (sigh) witness.)

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