[HNW] Forepart

Laren laren at webcon.net.au
Mon Apr 5 16:39:55 PDT 2004

At 09:44 AM 6/04/2004, you wrote:
> > > I think this one is even worse .....
> > >
> > > <http://www.goldsword.com/sfarmer/SCA/Paintings/gower_MaryDenton48.jpg>
> > >
> > > You see just enough of the skirt -- What's with the black "overdress"
> > > that doesn't meet in the front .....
> > >
> > > Jerusha
> >
> >    But it was awfully nice of her to hold up the hem of her gown and give a
> > good graphic example of "hem decorations" on a late-period gown. Isn't that
> > one of the costuming myths that need periodic debunking?
>But surely that's not the hem is it?  There's not enough fabric between
>her hand and her waist for it to be her hem.  Could it be the center
>seam of a split-front skirt?

I think it is meant to be the hem, as you see the smock underneath.

And I think the black overdress is some sort of ropa type gown, it just 
hasn't been closed, cause if it was closed, you wouldn't see the nice red 
dress underneath!!


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