[HNW] Forepart

Deredere Galbraith triade at kabelfoon.nl
Mon Apr 5 23:57:43 PDT 2004


>> But surely that's not the hem is it?  There's not enough fabric between
>> her hand and her waist for it to be her hem.  Could it be the center
>> seam of a split-front skirt?
> I think it is meant to be the hem, as you see the smock underneath.

Wouldn't there be and under skirt??
I think it is the center seam split and the white is the lining

> And I think the black overdress is some sort of ropa type gown, it 
> just hasn't been closed, cause if it was closed, you wouldn't see the 
> nice red dress underneath!! 

I tink that to I get a feeling I saw this before.
Ah! There is a white spanish dress witch has also a ropa that doesn't 
meet in front.
And there are more.


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