Was: [HNW] Forepart now Buttons

Carol Knight Carol.Knight at chsys.org
Tue Apr 6 10:59:01 PDT 2004

Yep, just like hearing that nails aren't period, horseshoes aren't period,
needles aren't period....

Geez-as to the Salt one-some folks must not read their bible...even the Old
Testament speaks of salt....And then there is the reference to salt in King
Lear by Shakespeare. 


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> > And "pink isn't period," "buttons aren't period," "wrist cuffs aren't
> > period," and (believe it or not) "salt isn't period."
> I realize you aren't serious, and this is a bit late, but there and Many
> mentions of buttons in the Inventories of Henry VIII.

Actually, I was being serious.  I have heard of -- or been told -- each
of those things at one time or another in my mumblety-mumble years in
the SCA.  I've got scads of paintings with buttons on them.

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