[HNW] Re: Re: Forepart

Christina L Biles bilescl at okstate.edu
Tue Apr 6 13:49:40 PDT 2004

Catherine said:
>>>Based on some of the surviving examples shown here on Drea's website:
http://costume.dm.net/chemise.html,  I tend to believe this was all
one garment since the embroidery matches.  Wish we had a surviving
example of a chemise like this with the polychrome embroidery, we see it
on the coifs, caps and jackets that have survived.

This is a surviving polychrome smock: 

Most of the images above are from QEW.   I have a color pic of this 
somewhere, but it's hiding from me.   Granted, this is a scoop neck, but I 
think it's not a stretch to assume that since we have other high-necked 
shifts with monochrome embroidery that it is possible that there were 
polychrome embroidered high necked shifts as well.   Well, and I have a 
high necked Italian polychrome example too. 


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