[HNW] forepart /part II

Michelle Santy msanty at phelps.k12.wi.us
Tue Apr 6 15:04:58 PDT 2004

	If you were still interested in pics of the style and if foreparts were
always the same as the sleeve, here are several references which show part
or all of the forepart.

>From the book: Dress in the Age of Eliz I by Jane Ashelford
	figure 7 Unknown Lady/1567 : Shows part of a forepart, looks definately
different than the sleeves
	figure 70 Queen Eliz I/Nicholas Hilliard/1575: You can barely see the
forepart, but it looks different from sleeves

>From Queen Eliz's Wardrobe Unlock'd :
from pages 113 - 116: figures 169, 170, 172 and 173
these are portraits and full length engravings that have foreparts that
look different than sleeves.  
page 141 has the engraving of Q.Eliz hunting - similiar dress, looks like
different forepart.  (there's a better photo of this engraving in Costume
of the 16th Century by Jane Ashelford).

Hope this helps - Amytis

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