[HNW] Schuette spreadsheet

Vicki L Lamb vlamb at cds.duke.edu
Tue Apr 6 16:07:40 PDT 2004


A while ago (October 2002) an industrious person named Robin/Anne 
reported that she'd completed an Excel file that contained a list of all 
the plates and embroidery stitches that were in the 
Schuette/Christianson "A Pictorial History of Embroidery."  The file was 
started by someone named Charlene. I bring this up again because I've 
seen the file and would like to know who to attribute all that hard work 
when I refer to it. In reading the archives I know it was placed in the 
West Kingdom's Needlework Guild's Yahoo site, but I am not a member of 
that group.

Any help would be appreciated. You can contact me off list if you wish.


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