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The portable antiquities scheme at http://www.finds.org.uk/  is a great site
to direct people to who don't believe in early buttons, if a lack of factual
knowledge is really what's lacking in a view point.  I even found a heart
shaped medieval button in there.

Lisa Sinervo

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> > > And "pink isn't period," "buttons aren't period," "wrist cuffs aren't
> > > period," and (believe it or not) "salt isn't period."
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> > > Jerusha
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> I know that these are fallacies -- I was only using them as examples
> of Stupid Things That People Say in the SCA that "aren't" period.
> As I said; I've heard them all at one time or another.  I know
> that all are period.
> Jerusha
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