[HNW] Smocks (Was Re: forepart)

Christina L Biles bilescl at okstate.edu
Wed Apr 7 11:53:21 PDT 2004

I said:
>>>>Well, and I have a high necked Italian polychrome example too. 

Catherine said:
>>>I had forgotten about this one, thanks!  If you can post references to
help find pics of the Italian one I would appreciate it, Thanks!

I reply:

OK, I'd forgotten about this one, which I've never seen in color, but I'm 
told is color:
Cunnington, 1st edition

Digby identifies this as child's partlet/shirt front.  Looking at it in 
the V&A, I think it would have fit my neckline nicely.  (I'm only 5' 
though.) I have better pictures if you are desperate for a better look. 

This one is late 16th century, embroidered in lilac silk and gold 
embroidery on white linen, identified as most likely from Venice, and 
resides in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

If you want monochrome in various colors, I have tons.  ;>  Polychrome is 
a little harder to come by, but not impossible.

Cunnington, C. W., & Cunnington, P. (1951). The history of underclothes. 
London, M. Joseph.
Digby, George Frederick Wingfield. (1963). Elizabethan embroidery. London: 
Faber and Faber.
Tortora, Phyllis G. , Eubank, Keith .  (1998).  Survey of historic costume 
: a history of Western dress. 3rd ed. New York : Fairchild Publications.

-Magdalena (who's been researching shirts for several years now.)

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