[HNW] Stoleworke, stoole work stole work ?

Wanda Pease wandap at hevanet.com
Wed Apr 7 21:34:12 PDT 2004

Questions from the following items from the Inventory of Henry VIII

These examples are dog collars and leashes (Lyam) with rings to tie the
leash to (tirettes), but what is stoleworke?  It is also spelled stool work,
and stole work

ITEM 97    PAGE 91  Item a Lyam and a collar of stolework the tirrettes
silver gilt
ITEM 11175 PAGE 248 Item a dogs collar of stoole work with turwittes and
buckles silver white
ITEM 14414 PAGE 362  Item 2 collars embroidered with stole work with
tirrettes of silver


Was it someone on this list who wanted to know about embroidery with gilded
leather?  I found an example in these inventories.

Wanda Pease/Regina Romsey
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