[HNW] Yet another Definition needed

Rosemary Stecher stecher3 at comcast.net
Thu Apr 8 18:57:04 PDT 2004

Cordaunte may be cordon. Definition #5 in the OED is "An ornamental cord
or braid forming a part of costume. Also, the cord worn by Franciscans."
The example use is from 1578: "Lang slevis with silver pasmentis and
small cordonis of silvir and blew silk."

And, yes, counterpoint is the original form of counterpane.


Wanda Pease wrote:
> Cordaunte?  and Counterpointe? (possibly what we call a counterpane?)
> For a Bed in the Inventories of Henry VIII
> Item 9772 Page 212
> "...Quilts of linen cloth filled with wool, every one being of one breadth
> 3/4 and one naile [small unit of measure].  A pair of fustians either being
> of 4 breadths 1/2 of the same fustian and in length 3 yards 1/4 scant and a
> Counterpointe of purple changeable and yellow changeable tapheta paned
> together quilted lozenged all over with a Cordaunte of silver and purple
> silk bordered round about with an embroidery of yellow cloth of gold fringed
> likewise round about with a narrow fringe of venice gold and silver lined
> with white fustian being in breadth 3 yards scant and in length 3 yards
> 1/4."

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