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No, Counterpointe is always associated with the furnishings of a bed.
Otherwise I would have thought of it in conjunction with music.

ITEM 13437 PAGE 331:  Item two Counterpointes of verdoures with small
flowers. The one containing in length 5 yards in breadth four yeards lined
with canvas.  The other lined ontaining in length four yards 3/4 in breadth
three yards 3/4.

Bedsteads with the apparel:

ITEM 9365 PAGE 200  First a beddstede with iiij pillers all gilte of antique
works with Ceelor testor double vallaunces and bases of clothe of Silver and
crymsen satten embarawdered with venyce golde with the kinges armes and
Quene Annes Cipher the vallaunces frengid with a depe frenge of venyce gold
silver and redd silk with curteyns of crymsen damaske of xiij bredthes
embrawdered over the seams with a plated enbrawdrye of venyce golde and
silver and frenged with a narrowe frenge of the same gold Silver and Silke
conteyning in depthe twoo yardes quarter with iiij vanes and iiij cuppes on
the said beddsteade painted with the kings armes and Queene Janes Sipher and
also a _counterpointe_ of the same crymsen damaske bordred with clothe of
golde with an embrawdrye ouer the seams of plated lace of venyce golde and
silver with the kings armes and Quene Annes Cipher enbarwdered upon the same
counterpointe conteyning in lengthe three yardes quarte and in bredthe three
yardes and a naile with a tawny damaske of vj/breadthes conteyning in
lengthe four yards iij quarters and a naile lyned with white fustian with a
skarlett of two bredthes conteyning in lengthe foure yards iij quarters and
a naile lyned with white Fustian with one Fustian of vj breades conteyning
in lengthe iiij yards quarter and a naile with vj quiltes of lynnen clothe
stuffed with wooll conteyning in lengthe three yards save a naile and of v
Fustian bredthes with a bolster of three yards in length and of a bredthe
and a half of Fustyan with twoo pillowes of a yard and a quarter long and a
bredthe and a quarter of Fustyan a pece.


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> > Cordaunte?  and Counterpointe? (possibly what we call a counterpane?)
> I would assume counterpointe is the metaphysical equivalent of the
> heraldic countercharged based on the context.
> Jerusha

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