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Fri Apr 16 13:12:41 PDT 2004

I seem to be one of the few that got in on the   $ 2.95  Metallic embroidery 
book.  So here is an evaluation of it.   It is put out by the Krenik company 
to better understand and use their metallic thread product.  Chapter 1 is about 
thread type and uses.  Chapter 2  deals with basic techniques.  Chapter 3 
deals with stitches ( rather basic also).  Chapter 4 has a series of projects, ( 
most are too cutesy for my taste) a thread color chart and reference chart, 
glossary, suppliers list, and bibliography.  In my opinion, the book was made to 
aid the beginning embroiderer  who wants to expand into metallic embroidery 
but might not have anywhere to turn for advice on how to use the thread.  ( 
I've worked in fabric/craft stores--many times they just hire warm bodies)  It's 
a good book for the beginner.  I would pay what I did just to get the color 
chart, so I don't have to keep hauling my projects  to the store.  But if I had 
paid $12 I would  be kicking myself for blind buying.  A note though-- I 
noticed that Krenik thread is made in America--North Carolina--I will no longer 
complain about the price when I buy it..

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