Dream projects was Re: [HNW] Invitation

Frank and Tracy Thallas hardcorps at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 3 18:45:48 PST 2004

On 2004.12.03 17:17, Sue Clemenger wrote:

> If you had one opportunity to make your "dream" piece of needlework,  
> what  would it be? (and yes, I mean one, although it doesn't have  
> size  limitations!)  Assume, for fantasy purposes, that you have  
> access to all the  raw materials you'd need.

   Oooooooooo.  Lots of things I'd like to do because they'd make something I'd
like to HAVE, but I think the thing that would give me the most pleasure in the planning,
working, and having would be a blackwork version of something like the Bayeux Tapestry...
I have high ceilings in my house, it would hang up there perfectly, out of reach of kitty claws...


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