[HNW] Re: Dream project

Rhea Stewart rstewart at klondiker.com
Sat Dec 4 13:12:51 PST 2004

At 12:03 PM 12/4/04 -0600, Sue wrote:

>If you had one opportunity to make your "dream" piece of needlework,
>what would it be? (and yes, I mean one, although it doesn't have size
>limitations!)  Assume, for fantasy purposes, that you have access to all
>the raw materials you'd need.

Mine would be a "World Sampler".  It would consist of every stitch of every 
embroidery technique from every country and ethnicity in the world.
Probably would take one or two lifetimes of research and stitching, but 
this is dream-time, right?

Rhea, a lurker who is not an SCAer but is interested in history, loves 
blackwork, and is thankful for the information shared in this group.

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