[HNW] Re: Dream projects

Black Rose Spiritual Center drnikkiandrevjim at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 4 15:46:00 PST 2004

You mean we have to choose just one?  On my!  LOL   Could we maybe choose 1 for each century?  LOL

But, since I was a kid and first saw a picture of them I've wanted to do the "Denny Gloves" as they are called (the burgundy velvet mittens, white gauntlets, embroidered and gold-worked to the nth degree).  I've got the velvet, I've got the satin, I've got the gold, and I'm working on the silk fibers to do it with...

Then there's the Charlemagne cloak!  "-)


Dr. Nikki Judge Delaney
Spiritual Counselor
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