[HNW] dream works

Frank and Tracy Thallas hardcorps at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 4 19:10:41 PST 2004

  There ARE needlework aerobics.  I do The Dance every time I poke a needle under
my fingernail, run the 100-yard dash every time I realize I left  something fragile within
kitty reach, etc....<G>
   Of course, none of this seems to make me skinny...  ;-(


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I would like to finish the Bess of Hardwick sleeves I've been working on for the last 4 years.  There 75% done, but I only work on them when I'm at events.
Why... why so I can start a set with leaves and different filling patterns.  
What will I do with them?  I don't know since I won't wear Elizabethan until I loose weight.
Let's see I made that pledge 6 years ago when started playing.
We need to come up with a needlework aerobics.

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