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Penny Ladnier penny at costumegallery.com
Sat Dec 4 22:51:26 PST 2004

My dream project came into my hands a couple of weeks ago.  I purchased an
antique parasol last spring with the intentions of restoring it.  I never
seem to have the time to do it.  One of my interns, Joy, is going to take
Marna Jean's parasol class, and restore my parasol.  We couldn't decide on a
fabric for the canopy.

I purchased a 1906 Needlework magazine from eBay.  In it was a beautifully
ornate embroidery pattern for a parasol canopy. Since I sit around the pool
a lot in the summer for my kids swim meets, this will be the perfect time to
do the embroidery.  Also what a nice time to have a parasol handy!!!!  We
are going to use a candlelight colored cotton fabric for the canopy and
white embroidery floss.  I promised myself to never embroider the same floss
and fabric color again.

Another dream project is to teach embroidery.  Joy and I are working to put
together an embroidery class for next spring for my Costume Classroom.  I
will be teaching a series of classes directly from 1918 Domestic Arts &
Sciences embroidery booklets.  Embroidery has always been my strongest
skill.  Been doing it since 4 y.o.  And all of my ribbons from the state
fair have been for my embroidery.

My all-time major dream project I just finished two weeks ago.  I was the
costume designer for the play West Side Story... 41 characters. What a blast
costuming the Puerto Rican girls with all the 1950s petticoats!!!  After
going to college for so many years for costume & fashion design, and
researching for so many designers, I finally got to design a play and see my
work on stage.  The final performance was held in a 1920s very ornate art
deco theater in downtown Richmond, VA.  For those who know the area, it was
the Carpenter Center.  Yes, I cried through the final act.  If I never do it
again, I can say I did it once!  I had a blast!!!!!

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