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Mine would be a "World Sampler".  It would consist of every stitch of every 
embroidery technique from every country and ethnicity in the world.
We think alike!  This has been a dream of mine for years also.  I love to 
collect different stitch diagrams, and also sampler types from all over the 
world.  Does anyone have a site that has diagrams, besides the Victoria Sampler 
site, Nordic Needle, and Cameo Rose?
I have some linen banding that I want to start my stitch sampler on, but 
can't decide whether to stitch it in different colors and threads, or do it all 
with one color. . .lol.  I love the idea that stitchers used to keep one rolled 
up and carried in their needlework baskets to stitch new or discovered 
stitches and motifs on.  
              hugs, Susie
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