[HNW] Re: Dream Projects

Catherine Kinsey ckinsey at kumc.edu
Mon Dec 6 06:36:29 PST 2004

Mine would be a "World Sampler".  It would consist of every stitch of
embroidery technique from every country and ethnicity in the world.
We think alike!  This has been a dream of mine for years also. <snip>

I have some linen banding that I want to start my stitch sampler on,
can't decide whether to stitch it in different colors and threads, or
do it all 
with one color. . .lol.  I love the idea that stitchers used to keep
one rolled 
up and carried in their needlework baskets to stitch new or discovered

stitches and motifs on.  
              hugs, Susie
I've got one of those going, I get inspired every now and then to dive
into it and then it sits for awhile.  I used plain linen and finished
the edges with different button hole stitches.  I used a variety of
colors to use up odd leftover lengths of floss, and just for the heck of
it :).  I also included the name of the stitch and I had never heard of
some of them before I started.  I usually pick a handy embroidery book
and work my way through the listed stitches.  It is been hand to have
when I am trying to put a design together and want to use a variety of
stitches but have trouble visualizing from the illustrations.

Dream project: a sampler with a sample of embroidery from different
periods of european embroidery.  Start with something Viking, have a bit
of the Bayuex tapestry, some opus anglicanum, etc.  My big problem has
been deciding on the final designs!


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