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Carol Knight Carol.Knight at chsys.org
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I certainly agree, as well. Recently, I got into a bit of a Haiku
contest with a friend <G>.

My contribution was;


Garb as dark as night

Newly sewn, ironed just right

Siamese magnet 


It seems that if I have on black, fresh out of the laundry, Himself must
have a cuddle before I leave the house. I can not go out without the
requisite numbers of cat hairs to prove ownership. I think they have a


My sympathy on losing your friend and housemate. Sumo, the present 3
year-old Siamese, is the most recent of a line of Siamese. His
predecessor was over 20 when we had to do the same. It is heart
wrenching. There is nothing that can liven up a house like a Siamese....





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  I forgot to add that I had to laugh at the mention of cat hair as
specialty fibers.  I agree, wholeheartedly.  My kitties enjoy my
handiwork right along side of me.  I am grieving now, as I had to put my
dear friend Nibby, my 19 yr old Siamese, to sleep, as she'd had a stroke
and could no longer eat or stand.  Please keep me in your prayers and
good thoughts.  I miss her dearly.  I have another kitty, Cricket, who's
also missing her pal, and continues to contribute to my specialty fibers

hugs, Susie

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