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I lost my two cats the end of this summer. The old lady (17 years) I expected as she was losing weight and the vet basically said old age. But the young one (15) died unexpectedly about 6 weeks before her.

Winterthur's (museum in Delaware) last catalog had two garden statues of cats with wings, one sleeping, one sitting. Hope to order these soon  for my yard. Although, occasionally they were less than angels :-)

Finally adopted thru the SPCA 3 littermates just 10 days ago. Yesterday they saw the vet and had their neutering surgery. Forgotten what kittens can be like, into everything, and very sharp claws!

However I have not stitched in their presence yet. Sharp claws and thread - that's a combo no kitten can resist.
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    I forgot to add that I had to laugh at the mention of cat hair as specialty fibers.  I agree, wholeheartedly.  My kitties enjoy my handiwork right along side of me.  I am grieving now, as I had to put my dear friend Nibby, my 19 yr old Siamese, to sleep, as she'd had a stroke and could no longer eat or stand.  Please keep me in your prayers and good thoughts.  I miss her dearly.  I have another kitty, Cricket, who's also missing her pal, and continues to contribute to my specialty fibers stash.
                                                                                                hugs, Susie
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