[HNW] Re: Cat fur??

Radei Drchevich radei at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 9 15:00:50 PST 2004

IMHO that would be no.  Cats were kept around everywhere to control the 
mouse/rat populations.  Especially in any weavers environs.


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>Susie; I sympathize with your loss and hope that time will help you
>heal.  I have always had cats in my life, starting with the Siamese that
>slept in my crib (my mother was not one for old wives tales :) ).
>Currently we have a grey/russian blue named Murf and a white & apricot
>shorthair named Max.  Between these two no color of clothing escapes
>contrasting cat hairs!  Murf is good about lying quietly on the lap
>while I stitch and he 'contributes'.  Max has to first see if there is
>anything he wants to play with, and there usually is.  He also trys to
>'help' when I am on the sewing machine.
>And to keep this on track, could one way to tell if historic embroidery
>was professionally stitched, or home made, be by looking closely for
>ancient cat hairs :)?
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