[HNW] Books on Ecclesiastical Embroidery

lisa lisleong at k12.hi.us
Wed Dec 15 22:24:45 PST 2004

> I'm looking for books on ecclesiastical embroidery in England both before
> and after the reformation and was wondering if anyone could recommend any
> good sources, journals as well would also be great.

These are publications that are somewhere between pamphlets and books. 
Both quite old with photos that are mostly only in B&W.

English Ecclesiastical Embroideries of the XIII. to XVI. Centuries, 
Victoria & Albert Museum Catalogues.  His Majesty's Stationery Office, 
1907/1911.  Contains brief descriptions of pieces and gives their 
locations within the museum (from 1907) along with B&W photos of 33 items.

Opus Anglicanum, English Medieval Embroidery by Donald King.  The Arts 
Council, 1963.  This also contains descriptions of 180 items in the V&A. 
It has 24 B&W photos and 3 in color--quality of the color photos is not 
very good.


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