[HNW] Re: Books on Ecclesiastical Embroidery (in German)and historical note

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Wed Dec 15 23:26:17 PST 2004

Dear Rachel,
   towards the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the last 
century a number of books have been published written by a man called 
Joseph Braun. He was, to the best of my knowledge, an offical in the church 
(I assume Roman Catholic). Amongst the books published is one with 
decoration patterns (suitable for embroidery?). I haven't been bale to see 
this book as it is normally kept in specialized libraries. When consulting 
this book keep in mind, that it has been written by a late 'Victorian'. 
There taste doesn't always mirror owers when it comes to patterns and 
   While thinking about your question regarding church embroidery round the 
reformation periode in England, I wonder which reformation you mean. Are 
you talking about the changes which took place during the reign of Henry 
VIII Tudor, or are you talking about the movement led by Oliver Cromwell. 
Keep in mind that many church vestments were taken to pieces for the 
content of there valuable materials, or sold abroad (the continent) when 
Henry disolved the monestries. So when looking for vestments of this 
periode in England, you might be more succesful when looking outside of 


Johan Terlouw

> I'm looking for books on ecclesiastical embroidery in England both before
> and after the reformation and was wondering if anyone could recommend any
> good sources, journals as well would also be great.
> I have come accross the following book:Clothed in Majesty: European
> Ecclesiastical
> Textiles from the Detroit Institute of Arts by Peter Barnet.  Has anyone
> heard of it and is it any good?
> Thanks
> Rachel

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