[HNW] using ricepaper as a guide for embroidery

Dyan Johnson calendre57 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 9 17:33:01 PST 2004

Greetings Bjarne,
  My best results on transferring patterns to dark or textured fabrics have been with using a charcoal pencil (comes in a variety of colours, I usually use white or pale grey for dark cloth)...I sharpen it really well & trace the backside of the design then rub/scratch it on with your finger nail. Top side for the reverse pattern. Yes! - you have to hold the pattern very carefully in place when transferring! Trace just inside your pattern outline with as thin a line as possible, then embroider over the transfered lines to cover them. I do not recommend using a dark charcoal as it may discolour your embroidery threads.
  The rice paper method works by sewing running stitches around the design outline, remove the paper, then simply embroider over the running stitches...very time consuming. I don't know about sewing over the whole paper. I stitch small like you & it seems there would no way to remove any tiny paper pieces underneath all those stitches & personally, I wouldn't want to leave paper there. 
  You may prefer the pounce method using white chalk or charcoal. Try your options on a sample piece of your ribbed silk.
Good luck & please post pics!

Bjarne og Leif Drews <drewscph at post12.tele.dk> wrote:
I just wanted to ask if any knows or have any experienses with using rice paper for embroidery.
I have some lovely ribbed silk in a blue collour wich i would like to make a waistcoat of. But i have tryed to transfer the pattern onto it, in my usual way by using tracing paper and pencil. But, the pencil wont show on the fabric, mostly because it is ribbed i think, but also because the colour is darker than other fabrics i have used.
So i heard that you could draw your pattern on rice paper and put it on top of the fabric and then stitch trough the paper and remove the paper when you have finished the embroidery. But i just wondered, is this really going to be all right when you stitch as closely as i do? (long and shortstitches for satin stitches)? Can the paper really carry so many stitches?
Any hints or tips are greatly apreciated, as this fabric really would be lovely lovely for embroidery!!!

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