[HNW] Eterna Silk Options

Megan McConnell embroidery at smartchat.net.au
Wed Feb 11 09:25:53 PST 2004

Ok - just so you know before I start this:  I am the Australian/New Zealand
distributor for Eterna.

However- I love Eterna.  It looks and feels like silk, and the stranded
version is real floss.  It you have the luck to see floss from the 18th or
19th century, you will find it is very smilar.

The only problem I have with using Eterna is that I have to keep my hands in
exceptionally good condition to prevent snagging.

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I have recently obtained some Eterna silk samples, and I'd like to solicit
opinions from anyone on the list who has tried these.  I am very pleased
with the look of them, but haven't had the opportunity to stitch.
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