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Hey, Protoge' of mine.....

Do two-over-one embroidery counted work on 80 count...or use that magnifying
glass of yours and do some Petit Point.

Black Work is really nice for Spanish trim on shirts and chemises.

Xene (lurking here, too.)
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  Hi Maria!
    To accompany your persona & time period, a book cover or book pouch
comes to mind. The pouches were often as elaborately decorated as the book
covers, usually linen with silk embroidery. My second thought is a cushion.
I always back my embroidery with linen - a period practice - though you may
not want to waste that 80 count on backing so you could use some other!

  Damon and Christine Huse <dchuse at netzero.com> wrote:

    My Mistress gave me some 80 count linen. It's about 1/2 yard X 45" wide.
    It's a fairly heavy fabric (too thick for a coif). I have no clue what
to do
    with it.

    I have a Spanish persona from the late 15th to mid-16th century.

    Any ideas?


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