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Wait a minute!!!  I didn't *order* you to make anything, did I? You make me
sound like a tyannical Pel-Laurel!  I merely encourage and support you in
your endeavors:)

However, you could also make a bell pull, or a sampler to frame and hang up
in your apartment.  The Jane Bostock Sampler would be good;-)...


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LOL  I thought the same thing. When my mistress gave me this, it was an
order to make something out of it.

Thank you for the suggestion!  I like this idea! But before it hits the
table and gets smudgy (I have 2 children and a toddler...and one messy
husband), I think I'll enter it in a couple of competitions. ;-)


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Ok, my first thought when seeing 80 count linen
as the subject was "oh my God.. I'd go blind with that
thread count".

My second thought is to suggest making a table runner
in the time period of your persona. It would be nice to
take it to SCA feasts (if you can bear smudges on it)
or it would make a lovely family heirloom that could be
framed.  If it ever passed outside of your family, it
would likely fall into the hands of a needlework collector
and would continue to be appreciated.

-- Lisa

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