[HNW] RE: 80 Count Linen

Damon and Christine Huse dchuse at netzero.com
Mon Feb 16 15:32:57 PST 2004

Well, you didn't come right out and say it...but, I recognized that look.
;)  I'm in trouble aren't I? hehe

Your a very nice and patient Pel-Laurel.  Guess I better watch myself. hehe

Seriously, is there an online picture of the Jane Bostock Sampler? And are
bell pulls period?


-----Original Message-----
Wait a minute!!!  I didn't *order* you to make anything, did I? You make me
sound like a tyannical Pel-Laurel!  I merely encourage and support you in
your endeavors:)

However, you could also make a bell pull, or a sampler to frame and hang up
in your apartment.  The Jane Bostock Sampler would be good;-)...


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