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Carol Thomas scbooks at mindspring.com
Tue Feb 17 10:34:04 PST 2004

Thank you so much.  This is very helpful.

At 08:58 AM 2/17/04 -0800, you wrote:
>(Sorry for the delay; just got back to work after Presidents' Day holiday.)
>I wrote to Jane Zimmerman and she sent me the titles and prices of her
>CD/ROMS. (And thanks to the person/people who gave us her contact info.)
>She wrote back:
>Hi.  Thanks for the interest in the cds.  They are not my books but rather
>my lectures and slides.  Art of English Blackwork $18, Tudor Needlework $30
>and Art of Stumpwork $21.  Shipping is $3 for 1 cd, $4 for two or three.
>Jane D. Zimmerman
>1313 Park Central Court
>Richmond, CA 94803
>Her email address is: <JaneDZ at aol.com>
>I saw her Art of English Blackwork lecture a few years ago and it was great.
>I've sent her a check and will deal directly with her. I didn't even ask her
>about her books but the English Blackwork one is chock-full of information
>and historic designs.
>Hope this helps.
>On 2/15/04 3:22 PM, "Sharon Nevin" <koidgath at optusnet.com.au> wrote:
> > Thank you to those with the bits of information. I'm going to try and see
> > what I can do with the shop. (Living in Australia is going to make this
> > somewhat interesting to obtain)
> >
> > Sharon Nevin
> > (yes Im way behind on email :)
> >
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