[HNW] Jane Zimmerman CDs

Lynn Downward LDownward at chori.org
Wed Feb 25 13:29:50 PST 2004

Hi, all,

Well, I bought two of the three Zimmerman CDs and they arrived yesterday.
Here's my 2 cents worth on the works, although I've only been able to spend
about ten minutes scanning through the CDs here at work. This is NOT really
a complete review as I wasn't able to read through the whole document, just
a page here and an illustration explanation there.

The Art of Elizabethan Blackwork is a 21 pages long PDF. The first two pages
are the cover and the usual publishing info. Pgs 3-16 are a discussion of
blackwork with beautiful black and white and colored illustrations, many
you've seen before if you've done any research of this time, and some that
are new to me at least. There's a one page bibliography and needlework
collections from the US and UK, and four pages of books and kits Ms,
Zimmerman is offering for sale.

English Needlework, The Greater Tudor Era, 1485-1625 is 32 pages in pdf
format. Two pages of cover/publishing data, pages 3-31 is the body of the
work, and the last page is the biblio and list of needlework collections. No
ads on this one. Again, it's beautifully illustrated; a few illos are
duplicates from the first CD, but not as many as you might imagine. This one
covers blackwork, polychrome and lace, along with other needlework of the

Until I read the papers (probably not for a couple of weeks), I can't say
how thrilled or disappointed I am over the $51 cost of the two CDs. The
illustrations, as I said, could be worth the price for some.

These are not "how to" works but papers on historical needlework, as you'd
expect. I'm not disappointed, I just wish there was more (but I'm known to
be greedy when it comes to illustrations).


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