[HNW] anyone do Bohemian? OT-sorry!

Kathryn Newell cknewell at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 13 11:39:38 PST 2004

 I am trying to find a buyer for a book I am clearing out of my personal

 "Gothic Women's Fashion" by Olga Sronkova, Artia Prague, 1954

 This book focusses on 14th century women's clothing in Bohemia. I tried
emailing several gentles whose names were on the members maiilng list for
the Slavic Interest Group. After having 5 of them in a row bounce, I give

If no one here is interested,could they post this to any SCA garb list?
Pretty please?

 The book is in very good shape, although the binding has a minor problem at
 the top. Pages are in great condition, however.

 I am asking $25.00 for the book plus s& h (Media Mail). If you are not
 interested, I hope you will pass my name and the book title to someone

 Thank you very much.

 Kathryn Newell
 SCA:  Baroness Kathryn Goodwyn, O.L.

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