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Penny, my mom, the hoarder has quite a few crochet patterns, no doubt ones
from the 70's.  I can't remember what Ali McGraw's hat looked like.  Do you
have a like to a photo at all.  If so, I can have a look at my mom's
collection and see what I can come up with.

Lisa Sinervo

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> I have taken up crochet again... last time I crocheted was in 1976... very
> easy thing to do without hurting my back or eyesight.  I crocheted one of
> those long scarves for my daughter.  These scarves are fashionable now.
> is wanting one of those crocheted hats like Ali McGraw wore in the film
> Story.  Does anyone know where to find this pattern?
> I am also looking for a pattern that was published in Family Circle or
> Woman's Day magazine in the late 1970s or early 1980s.  It was a white
> bedspread with large blocks about 18 inches square.  In the center of each
> square is a rose that was kinda 3-D... the color of the rose was red or a
> rosy pink colored.  If anyone has or runs across this pattern, please let
> know.  I have been keeping an eye out for years.  My departed
> made two of these bedspread and I loved them.  I always wanted one for
> myself.
> BTW, while at Ben Franklins Crafts & More tonight, I picked up a free
> pattern for a long crocheted knee length vest like the ones from the
> My daughter is dying to have one.
> Yes, the 1970s is now considered historic!!!!!!!! Some like to say vintage
> but it is still historic.
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