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Whoa! I KNOW that Pattern! There are TWO of those in my closet at home! One,
crocheted by my Grandmother and once crocheted by HER Mother, at almost the
same time.
I have memories of playing in my Grandmother's den as a child, while the
couches and chairs were filled with female relatives, crocheting. It would
start in the bronco-lounger to the left, with my Grandmother, To her left
was her Mother (Memaw Holt), then Aunt Bell (my Grandfather's cousin), and
then my other Great-grandmother (Memaw Cole, my Grandfather's Mother) and
then my Mother, on the fare right. Sometimes my grandmother's baby sister
(aunt Edith)would come and join in, too.

Many a bedspread and doily came out of those sessions. <G>

Thanks for the Memories!!!!
And I have printed off the pattern...
Somewhere in my collection at home, I have the pattern for a coronation
medallion that can be made into runners, or tablecloths....
It is from 1953, as I recall.....
I made it up and it turns out to be an almost perfect replica of the British
Crown that I believe is called the St. Edwards crown?


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Here's one for you.

> I am also looking for a pattern that was published in Family Circle or
> Woman's Day magazine in the late 1970s or early 1980s.  It was a white
> bedspread with large blocks about 18 inches square.  In the center of each
> square is a rose that was kinda 3-D... the color of the rose was red or a
> rosy pink colored.  If anyone has or runs across this pattern, please let
> know.  I have been keeping an eye out for years.  My departed
> made two of these bedspread and I loved them.  I always wanted one for
> myself.
> Penny Ladnier
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