[HNW] Crochet patterns

Penny Ladnier penny at costumegallery.com
Fri Jan 16 00:08:13 PST 2004


I just found the hat pattern on ebay and just purchased the book.   Since my
daughter is so much into 70s retro, she will love the pattern in the book.

Funny, we were in a crafts store today purchasing yarn.  My daughter was
wearing her knee retro 70s scarf that I made her last week.  I added beads
to the fringe.  Everyone kept stopping her and wanting a closer look at it.
Then they would ask where she bought it.  LOL!!!

It took me four days to crochet it and one day to bead the fringe.  Now my
daughter is into the macramé belts with the long beaded fringe from the 70s.
I told her that she would have to make them.  Luckily they sell kits for

She is only 12 and always had her own fashion look.  I think she was hooked
today.  She walked around the craft store and all kinds of ideas were
popping in her head for embellishing her clothes.  She said, "How am I going
to find the time to make all the things I want to?"

Penny Ladnier
Owner, The Costume Gallery & Costume Classroom

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