[HNW] Crochet Pattern Book

Báine baine at microcore.net
Sat Jan 17 06:40:30 PST 2004

I heard about that from the radio on CBS Newsbrief.  It was in the freezing weather back east and the police wouldn't even give them a ride home.  ^_^

who's high school yearbook's final picture is of the back end of the young man who streaked the halls that year <grin>

"Mary M. Riedel" wrote:

> Speaking of streaking....a little item just appeared in today's Los Angeles Times.  Three guys pulled up to a location, left the car engine running to make a quick get-away, and then did some streaking.  On their way back to the car they found it being driven away by a thief.  They had to hide in the bushes till the police came.  I can't believe this just happened!
> MaryR

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