[HNW] 18th century quilted petticoat

Báine baine at microcore.net
Mon Jan 19 07:39:24 PST 2004

There is a product you can purchase from quilting and sewing shops called "Tiger
Tape".  It is a 1/4" tape with lines marking the stitch length; comes in several
stitch lengths including 12 and you lay it down next to the line you want to
If you want to see what it looks like, my favorite sewing catalog carries it and
pictures it online at

I use the 9 stitch length myself for seams because that's all I can find in my
local quilt shop.  I guess I need to order the 12.  ^_^   30 yards will do a lot
of stitching.


Carolyn Kayta Barrows wrote:

> >Carolyn, it sounds like a wonderful skirt you are preparing to make.  The
> >number of stitches per inch is general 12.
> That's what I was afraid you folks would say (I got several responses on
> h-costume to that effect).  I can manage 6 without much trouble, but 12
> will be something to work my way into.  I may settle for 10.

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