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No- they found out how good you are and are intimidated!
Thinking positively!! Betsy
(Besides if gayness was a problem how many designers would be out on the
More than likely it is the name mismatch between application and billing
Lots of identity theft these days.)
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I just had birthday the other day, and i wished to get a membership of
embroidrers guild in England.
I contakted them, and they answered me that i could send them credit
card informations.
This is 14 days since i did that, and i have had no response from them -
also when i emailed them about if they got my informations.
Now i dont know if this is true or not, but i have the feeling, that
they discovered that i am gay. Because i sended them my partners credit
card informations, and i have used this many times because he aproves,
and we are legitimate married here in Denmark.
Because i think they have found out that i am gay, i think they are
ignoring me. And that they dont want me as a member because of that.
Am i crazy?
Dont know, but i damned think i am right!!!

Leif og Bjarne Drews
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