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At 08:53 AM 20/01/2004, you wrote:
>I just had birthday the other day, and i wished to get a membership of 
>embroidrers guild in England.
>I contakted them, and they answered me that i could send them credit card 
>This is 14 days since i did that, and i have had no response from them - 
>also when i emailed them about if they got my informations.
>Now i dont know if this is true or not, but i have the feeling, that they 
>discovered that i am gay. Because i sended them my partners credit card 
>informations, and i have used this many times because he aproves, and we 
>are legitimate married here in Denmark.
>Because i think they have found out that i am gay, i think they are 
>ignoring me. And that they dont want me as a member because of that.
>Am i crazy?
>Dont know, but i damned think i am right!!!


I think the more likely cause is that they are working on a different 
timetable than the rest of us. I think that we (as in people who use the 
internet alot and are used to instant responses and instant payments) tend 
to forget that not everyone works at the same hectic pace as us. Not 
everyone is like me and checks there mail constantly throughout the day. 
When I email the Embroiderers Guild here in Australia, it always takes more 
than a week to get a response. Sometimes no response at all.

Also, and this is a sweeping generalisation, Needlework type guilds 
(embroidery, quilting etc) tend to be run by the older generation and 
volunteers. They are often no familiar with the technology and just don't 
work to the same timetable that other run too ie 14 days is probably 
considered a quick turn around by them to process an application. Whereas 
we think that is along time. Its all relative.

If you still don't hear from them, write another email and follow it up 
with an old fashion letter in the post, that might be more at their pace.

Please note, not trying to put anyone down, just trying to put it in 


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