[HNW] 18th century quilted petticoat

Cindi Luckett crewelhearted at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 19 18:09:22 PST 2004

It really sounds like a beautiful petticoat and I look forward to your pictures as you progress!  What's unfortunate is that you can put so much blood (literally!!) and sweat into the handwork only for the "fashion police" to snub their noses at you because the stitch count per inch wasn't "correct".  To me, that's the worst thing that happens.  Believe me, I've had my share of occurances!  I had used a type of diaper cloth to make reproduction style hot pads with beautiful embroidery only to have two people end up telling "everyone" that the diamond shape of the diaper cloth was almost 1/8 too large. No one would buy them.  Ouch.
Cindi Luckett

Cindi Luckett
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crewelhearted at yahoo.com

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