[HNW] 18th century quilting stitches2

Charlie Cain / Larkin O'Kane larkinokane at cox.net
Wed Jan 21 13:18:22 PST 2004

Three words.
I'm up to seven stitches per inch in my quilting. The major difficulty is
keeping them even....sometimes the back is really different from the front
but I'm working on it.

Larkin - who would rather piece than quilt.

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> >The first thing I am doing, for my quilted petticoat project, is a
> >pocket.  That way I can practice my stitches and, if they're really too
> >big, the finished thing won't show.  I find that I can only manage one
> >stitch per inch if I leave the pocket in the quilting frame.  So I basted
> >around the edge of the shape of a pocket, and took it out of the hoop.
> I can manage six to the inch, but not much smaller than that.  If I do
> stitch, like where both halves of every stitch are individually stuck thru
> the fabric, I might be able to manage nine to the inch but my lines
> probably wouldn't be straight.  Now what?
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