[HNW] Re: 19th cent yarns-modern equiv.

fastusminimus cahuff at mindspring.com
Wed Jan 21 15:12:00 PST 2004

At 12:00 PM -0600 1/21/04, h-needlework-request at ansteorra.org wrote:
>I think this topic comes up now and then on lists, but bear with me.
>I'm looking for contemporary equivalents *by brand name* for 19th century
>Saxony, Germantown, "knitting silk", "knitting cotton", Zephyr, Andalusian,
>I know how to closely approximate the yarn by working with gauge to arrive
>at a general equivalent, but wonder if there is a list already worked out
>with current yarns.

And PLEASE if you have such modern yarns in hand, could you figure 
yards/oz??? And or wraps per inch??? The knitting challenged would 
greatly appreciate it!

Carol, just a minor whine <G>
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