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There is a book "That Perfect Stitch" by Roxanne McElroy that you might find
interesting. After eight chapters on 1. Fabric, 2. Batting, 3. Needles, 4.
Thread, 5. Thimbles, 6.Frames and Hoops, 7.Markers and 8.Other Helpful Aids
she comes to 9. The Quilting Stitch. This chapter starts with;
 "As you will find out, the quilting stitch is quite intricate, involving a
sequence of precise finger movements. For a lucky few, it takes just a few
minutes to learn. For others, it feels awkward and takes a few hours'
practice. But when you get it right it is like being hit by a thunderbolt.
Perfect stitches soon become second nature - nothing looks or feels better.
Nothing, that is, except the sheer joy of completing your own beautiful
handmade quilt. Hand quilting, when done properly, is relaxing, soothing,
and satisfying. There should be no pain in the arm, hand, or shoulder or
beneath your fingers. Once you master That Perfect Stitch, you will create
amazing works of art."  ibid p.67

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> >Three words.
> Funny - that's also how you get to Carnagie Hall ;)
> >I'm up to seven stitches per inch in my quilting. The major difficulty is
> >keeping them even....sometimes the back is really different from the
> >but I'm working on it.
> That's why I decided to do a quilted pocket instead of jumping right into
> the petticoat project.  I may need thinner batting, and may break down and
> use some really thin wool instead of the Warm & Natural brand batting.  My
> thinnest wool is about half of the thickness of that batting and denser,
> both of which would certainly help get my quilting stitches a little
> smaller.  My stitch count in seams is closer to 8 or 9, if the fabric is
> thin as good quilter's cotton (about the weight of a man's dress shirt).
> Interestingly enough, I found a website for a group of commercial Menonite
> quilters in someplace like Kentucky, who figure that 8 stitches to the
> inch, for the whole-cloth quilts they sell, should be called "superior".
> >Larkin - who would rather piece than quilt.
> I'd rather quilt than piece, because my piecing skills aren't that great
> (points don't match up, lines don't line up, etc.)  And I'd rather
> than quilt, I am finding.  But if I'm going to insist on being a snob then
> I'd better go back and finish that pocket.  I may even need to do another
> quilted project before doing the petticoat - maybe a nightcap.  Yes,
> practice, practice, practice.
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