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Hi!  Glad to hear that you have a Letter of Marque!  *wink*
On your felting issue...I know this may sound funny but when my Mother would have this problem (she was a knitter extraordinaire) she would take the offending (i.e. non-felting) item, put it in one of her more solid pots, cover the item with just enough warm/hot water to cover the item and then took two wooden spoons or rice paddles and just thumped it in the pot for a minute or two...of course thumping hard enough to mush, but not break...I'm sure there's a specific range there.  Before this extreme measure, partway through washing or whatever wet heating process you use, she would take the item out of the water and rub it furiously between her hands.  No pulling, no stretching, no twisting, just rubbing...
Hope this helps!

Carolyn Kayta Barrows <kayta at frys.com> wrote:
I made a knitted cap to go with my Privateer costume (we're not pirates - 
we have our Letter of Marque...). It's wool, and it should have felted 
when put into boiling water or into the hot dryer. But all it does in 
water is release quantities of dye, and all it does in the dryer is to get 
dry. Yes, I've tested it, and it's really wool. Any advice?

CarolynKayta Barrows
dollmaker, fibre artist, textillian

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