[HNW] wool cap refuses to felt

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at frys.com
Tue Apr 12 00:27:11 PDT 2005

>What kind of yarn did you use? Because it sounds like Superwash, which 
>means it's been treated to not shrink or felt.

The yarn is slightly overspun single-ply, possibly done by a Navajo, bought 
on their Reservation, no label.

Not only will it not felt, it won't shrink either.  I knitted it too big so 
it would shrink to fit, so it's unwearably large right now.  If I wore it 
like it is, a gust of wind would send it right into the Bay.

I've tried boiling it so it moved around with the bubbling water, I tried 
agitating it with a spoon while it was boiling, and I tried squishing it 
between my hands to get most of the water out after boiling and before 
putting it into the dryer last night.  Tonight it's still damp, so I guess 
it refused to dry too.  Tonight I think I'll try it in the washer on hot 
wash, cold rinse.  It still sheds much black dye (the least of my worries), 
but I have some black stuff I can wash it with.

More later.

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