[HNW] Re: felt hat

Terri Morgan nothingbutadame at inthe.sca.org
Tue Apr 12 12:25:57 PDT 2005

> A broiler pan? Now, that's really clever!
> I'd wanted a ridged thing for my hats, figuring
> I'd have more work ahead of me with an entire
> felted item, rather than just the gauge swatches,
> and a couple of people had recommended those
> old-fashioned wash boards, but I haven't been
> able to find one.
> --sue

A microwave roasting/frying board might work for you - we bought a couple to
experiment with creating jerky and found that they work well (not bad for
bacon, either) but then noticed that they're very sturdy, nearly
unbreakable, and able to handle high temperatures. So....  :)

We got ours at Target, I think, or maybe WalMart so I'll bet they're not
hard to find.


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