[HNW] wool cap somewhat felted

Megan M. megan at benchite.com
Tue Apr 12 07:35:22 PDT 2005

I usually felt my socks by throwing them in the hot washer and dryer for at
least 3 loads in a row- it is often the third or 4th time through that the
major shrinkage occurs.  Kind of disappointing that it takes a week of wash
to felt an item when I finish it, but the felted socks I make are just so
wonderful to wear.  Don't dry completely in the dryer, but if it comes out a
bit small, just stretch it while damp to fit.  I put the slightly
over-felted socks on my feet to stretch, and while it is a bit of a job and
I sometimes have to use my hands to pull the length a bit, I wind up with
socks that fit perfectly.  Since it works for socks, it should work for the
hat.  I mostly use Lopi or Brown sheep yarns.

Carolyn Kayta Barrows wrote:
I tried the recalcitrant wool cap in the washer with a small load of 
clothes, and it felted somewhat but didn't appear to shrink any.  I just 
checked, not that the drier has had it for a few minutes, as hot as I can 
get it, and it now appears to have shrunk a little.  And it's more nearly 
dry than I could get it last night in the drier by itself.  By the time the 
jeans in that load are dry it ought to be as small and felted as I need it 
to be.  If it's nominally too small that will do fine, because then it 
won't blow off.

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