[HNW] Re: stitching knotwork

Catherine Kinsey ckinsey at kumc.edu
Tue Apr 12 13:50:32 PDT 2005

When you're embtoidering knotwork (as a solid thing rather than just an

outline like on some of Henry Tudor's garb -- do you stitch both of the

sections (having 2 layers of embroidery where the pieces-parts cross,
or do 
you only stitch the "top" section.

Inquiring minds and all that ...

I've never seen anything on doing it one way or another but I have
always stitched it in 1 layer.  I was usually doing split stitch, with a
darker color in outline stitches on the edges of each band.  I would go
right up to the edge of the over band, stop, then start on the other
side.  I did the split stitch last to help smooth out this part.

Others MMV of course.  Hope this helps.


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