[HNW] wool cap refuses to felt

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isn't felt a verb?  so it is either feeling, or felt. Felling being present tense, and felt past tense<g>.

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> On Monday 11 April 2005 11:51 pm, Laren wrote:
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> > Carolyn,
> >
> > I am having a similar problem. I am making Viking hats out of old blankets.
> > I am hot washing, using pure soap flakes, double agitation, then cold
> > rinse, then hot tumble dry. While the fabric has softened up beautifully,
> > I've only managed a bit of felting. I noticed that adding extra soap and
> > more agitation helped alot. Might be worth a try.
> If you're using old blankets, maybe the question to ask is are you *sure*
> they're 100% wool?  If they have acrylic or nylon in them, even a small
> amount, that may be affecting the felting process.
> Just a guess; I've never tried felting anything before.  :-)
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